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Circular Economy

Geared towards a cleaner enviroment
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High Performance

Robust and Durable
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Our Mission
What we do at INNO-NEAT


Cell Testing


Battery Packs

INNO-NEAT is a Solar-tech company that analyses, recycles and repurposes used lithium ion battery cells into Solar Ready battery packs for use in solar applications targeting low income communities

To provide Affordable, Reliable and Efficient Solar ready Lithium Ion Battery Solutions for low income communities Solar and E-mobility applications.

This is a revolutionary technology that marks a milestone in Solar battery technology? You can feel free to talk to us if you have anything.

Cell collection and testing

We collect used lithium ion cells that have been discarded. We give them a second life through subjecting them to rigorous rehabilitative tests to sort and get the best quality.

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Lithium battery packs

By using state of the art manufacturing standards we make affordable and durable long lasting lithium ion battery packs.

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Impact Oriented

Our main goal is creating an enviromental friendly solution that will provide low cost alternatives of renewable energy to offgrid communities.

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